Ex-Playmates Of The Playboy Mansion Reveal …

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HUGH HEFNER'S ex-Playmate HOLLY MADISON was right!

The Playboy Mansion is a cesspool of drugs and wild sex for Hollywood’s megastars, The National ENQUIRER has learned in a bombshell world exclusive investigation.

In a series of dramatic accounts from those who have lived a wild life inside the gilded cage, The ENQUIRER can blow the lid off what REALLY went on at Hef’s multimillion dollar estate in Holmby Hills, Calif.

Former Playmate Izabella St. James, once one of seven hand-picked stunners living with Hef, recalled how Leonardo DiCaprio, Colin Farrell and Owen Wilson could “click their fingers” to take their pick of the girls.

“Leonardo, Colin and Owen were the girls’ favorites,” she said. “These boys caused a stir at every party. Leo practically lived at the mansion. I lost count of the times I saw him bundling five or six girls into a limo to take back to his house.”

In an act of depravity, “many girls boasted about how Leo loved to sneak into the grounds and have sex next to the monkey enclosures,” she recalled! “Matthew Perry from ‘Friends’ liked that, too!

“Owen Wilson had a reputation for being fantastic in bed. I couldn’t count the girls who bragged about enjoying group sex sessions with him.

“One night we watched as [Colin] led a Playmate down to what we call the Greenhouse. He loved to romp outdoors.”

The list of stars who partied at the house off Sunset Boulevard included George Clooney, Jim Carrey, Charlie Sheen, Warren Beatty, Brad Pitt – and “Wheel of Fortune” letter-turner Vanna White!

In her new tell-all autobiography, “Down the Rabbit Hole: Curious Adventures and Cautionary Tales of a Former Playboy Bunny,” Holly, 36, revealed how Playmates would cheat on Hef by sneaking off at parties with celebrities.

Former Bunny Jill Ann Spaulding, who stayed at the mansion for five days, said she never saw Hef use a condom while having an orgy with 10 women!

She sensationally claimed Hef gave sedatives to the girls in his limo to help them shed their inhibitions, and they would bathe at the mansion while their benefactor watched and took photographs.

Although Jill Ann said she avoided having sex with Hef, she claimed the Playboy founder would have sex with the other 10 girls present – who cheered “Go for it!” as he pleasured himself.

Every bathroom in the Playboy Grotto was stocked with a tray of baby oil, Vaseline and Kleenex.

Of Hef’s huge bedroom, Jill Ann shattered the façade of sophistication – telling how “it stank of dog urine,” appeared littered with magazines and gay porn constantly played on TV screens!

Holly painted an even bleaker picture in her just-released memoir.

The former Hooters waitress lived at the mansion from 2001 to 2008, spending several years as Girlfriend No. 1.

She claimed Hef offered her a Quaalude as a “thigh opener” the first night he met her at a club, and added she had sex with him the first time she was summoned to his bedroom – along with six other women!

“It was so brief that I can’t even recall what it felt like, beyond having a heavy body on top of mine,” Holly wrote.

But there was an even darker side to life at Hef’s home, The ENQUIRER has learned.

Bill Cosby, once a regular Playboy visitor, has been accused in a lawsuit of assaulting Judy Huth at the mansion in 1974 when she was 15. The comedian has denied the claims.