Michael Jackson is facing a massive lawsuit–from an ex-pal he thought was going to be a key defense witness at his trial.

Marc Schaffel–a former Hollywood porn producer–was working closely with Jackson at the very time prosecutors charge Jackson molested a young boy at his Neverland ranch.

The singer, free on $3 million bail, pleaded not guilty in April to child molestation, conspiracy and giving alcohol to a minor. The criminal trial is scheduled to start in January.

To make matters even worse for the star, Schaffel recently announced he is writing a bombshell book about Jackson with another former Jacko intimate, ex-publicist Stuart Backerman.

Schaffel says he’s hauling Jackson into court because the singer owes him a large amount of money for video work–and that he’s being stiffed.


“It really can’t get any bleaker for Michael Jackson,” a close source told The ENQUIRER.

“Marc was a key guy Michael was counting on. He was supposed to be one of his main defense witnesses–and was supposed to say he saw no wrongdoing by Michael.

“Now Schaffel is putting out word he’s going to reveal sensational details in the tell-all book. After all, he was there when the boy at the center of the case was regularly at Michael’s Neverland ranch.

“Marc came in contact with the boy and his mother. He may have even been involved in some of the secret videos Michael supposedly made when they questioned the boy about his relationship with Jackson.

“Every day now, it seems Michael’s world caves in a little more.”