In a heart-breaking ENQUIRER interview, David Carradine‘s third wife reveals she saved his life once before – stopping the actor from strangling himself with the same kinky sex act that eventually killed him at age 72 June 4 in Bangkok.

25 years ago Carradine was rescued just in time from the same masturbatory death wish
by then-wife-to-be Gail Jensen.  "I only wish I had been around to save him this time," a distraught Gail told The ENQUIRER exclusively.

Gail was later married to the Kill Bill star from 1986 to 1996 and has no doubt that his penchant for auto-erotic asphyxiation is what killed him.

"He spent hours doing (it)," Gail said.  "He was really psychopathic…always wanted to be tied up."

"It was 1984 when I found him unconscious hanging from a beam with a belt around his neck. I lifted him down and was able to revive him."

The near-death incident terrified Gail, but she said it hardly seemed to disturb the B-movie legend.

"When I finally got him down, David looked at me and said, ‘I’m hungry. I want a sandwich.’"

PLUS: Pathologist Michael Baden confirms Carradine didn’t commit suicide as ENQUIRER.com readers already knew!

"The autopsy findings and the evidence thus far available demonstrate that Mr. Carradine’s death was not the result of suicide. However…we must wait for further information from Thailand… and the completion of  toxicology studies that are still being performed,"  Baden stated.  "The autopsy is only part of the analysis."

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