Escort Service got Phil Collins’ Easy Lover

Orianne Cevey and Phil Collins
News Licensing / MEGA

Phil Collins’ ex-wife shopped for her estranged toyboy husband on an escort website before moving the gigolo into the Genesis legend’s $40 million Miami Beach mansion while he was on tour in Europe, according to legal documents.

Orianne Cevey, 48, is currently duking it out in divorce court with Tom Bates, 32. According to filings, the young muscular musician’s online profile on Cowboys 4 Angels touted him as a “sexy intellectual.”

The tempestuous twosome eloped in Las Vegas in 2020, but after 15 months, the hunk huffed his cranky cougar was physically abusive and threatened to cut “off his private parts!”

Though Orianne pocketed a $46 million divorce settle­ment from the “Can’t Hurry Love” singer in 2008, she’s now claiming poverty and wants Tom to give up his $6,500-per-month Aston Martin lease!

Phil and his third wife had reconciled in 2016. But after learning of her marriage, he had the newlyweds ousted from his Florida digs!