Scott Baio Joins ‘Happy Days’ Cast Reunion For Tragic Erin Moran

Contrite co-star joins in memorial to troubled actress!

erin moran death happy days reunion

Erin Moran died tragically in Indiana at the age of 56 — but the troubled “Happy Days” star brought together her old costars in death!

Cathy Silvers — who played Jenny Piccolo, the best friend of Erin’s character Joanie Cunningham on the hit series — joined Ron Howard, Donnie Most and Anson Williams at the home of Erin’s TV mom Marion Ross.

Marion calls her sprawling estate Happy Days Farm — and while an acting role kept Henry Winkler from joining in, Erin’s old love interest Scott Baio also dared to make an appearance!

Scott was blasted by Erin’s fans after speaking frankly about the actress’ tragic reliance on drugs and booze.

Sadly, he spoke out just hours before it was announced that Erin had likely died from throat cancer.

The actor issued a groveling apology, but some fans still weren’t forgiving of Erin’s fate — and, after Scott posted this picture online, one asked: “Why wasn’t anyone there to help her?”