Dating Nightmare!

Family Cited Declining ‘Mental Health’ Of Tinder Attacker Erich Stelzer

Toxicology report awaited on knife-wielding muscleman!

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Erich Steltzer, the YouTube bodybuilder subdued by police with a taser as he attacked his tinder date with  a knife,  had been paranoid and delusional in the days leading up to the attack, The National ENQUIRER has learned.

“He was experiencing delusions, erratic behavior and extreme paranoia,” said Philip G. Cormier, a lawyer for Stelzer’s mother, in a statement to sent to MassLive on Dec. 29.

Police on Dec. 27 were summoned to the home of Erich’s parents in Cohasset, Mass., where they encountered the bodybuilder attacking Maegan Tapley (right), a 24 year-old veterinary assistant he had reportedly met through the social dating app Tinder.

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Police subdued the 25-year-old Erich with tasers, and he become unresponsive while EMTs were transporting him to the hospital. He was later pronounced dead.

The Norfolk District Attorney’s office on Dec. 31 said that while medical examiner’s office had completed Steltzer’s autopsy, the cause and manner of death would not be determined and reported until toxicology tests, which could take weeks, are completed..

In an interview with CBS WBZ 4, Erich’s father, Harry Stelzer, said he feels sorry for the victim, but is consulting with an attorney because he feels the police took it too far by using a stun gun on his son.

Maegan’s mother, Susan Tapley, told NBC News in Boston that her daughter suffered extensive injuries from the stabbing and slashing, and will have to see an eye specialist and undergo plastic surgery.