Not Again!

Eric Bolling: Suspended By FOX News

Fox News anchor caught up in sexual harassment scandal!

eric bolling
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Eric Bolling is the latest Fox News personality at the center of a sexual harassment scandal — and he has now been suspended from the network!

“Eric Bolling has been suspended pending the results of an investigation, which is currently underway,” said a FOX Spokesman.

The “Cashin’ In” and “Specialist” host is being accused of sending unsolicited lewd photos of his genitals to at least two female Fox Business colleagues and another at Fox News several years ago on two separate occasions.

The women identified Bolling as the source of the photos from recognizing his cell phone number. One claimed she told him to never send her messages again, but never received a reply.

“Mr. Bolling recalls no such inappropriate communications, does not believe he sent any such communications and will vigorously pursue his legal remedies for any false and defamatory accusations that are made,” said Bolling’s lawyer, Michael J. Bowe.

FOX News Nightmare: Network Still In Crisis

Ironically, the anchor engaged in a vicious twitter feud with Anthony Weiner in 2014 after the former New York congressman was caught in his own sexting scandal — calling him a “sick human being” after pleading guilty to exchanging lewd messages with an underage girl.

Friday’s edition of “Cashin In'” was pulled once the network was made aware of the allegations and was replaced today by a live half hour of news. Rotating substitute hosts will be in place on both shows in Bolling’s absence.