A furious new battle has erupted in the marital war between Barbra Streisand and James Brolin since she demanded that he get his hard-drinking son Josh into rehab – and James told Barbra to butt out, say sources.

“Josh is barely on speak­ing terms with Barbra, but that doesn’t stop her from trying to meddle in his life,” revealed a friend. “Barbra told James if he was any kind of father, he would take action immediately, that Josh is an embarrassment and a danger to himself and others.”

The couple’s heated con­frontation comes on top of mounting problems in their 15-year marriage.

As The ENQUIRER reported exclusively earlier this month, the ce­lebrity union has neared the breaking point. Insiders say former “Marcus Welby, M.D.” heartthrob James, 73, has tired of the 71-year-old diva’s bossy ways and her busy schedule that leaves little time for their marriage.

Tensions have only worsened since Josh’s latest public embarrassment. The 45-year-old “True Grit” star reportedly got into a heated argument with a cab driver after ramming the back of his taxi in the early hours of Nov. 1 at the drive-thru of a Hollywood fast-food restaurant.

Then Josh headed to O’Brien’s Pub in Santa Monica, where sources say he was staggering and got into a boozy scuffle with a bouncer after being told to leave as the joint was closing.

To make matters worse, the troubled performer has had repeated episodes of alcohol-related clashes. He was busted in 2008 after a bar brawl in Shreveport, La., although charges were ultimately dropped, and he was detained for public intoxication last New Year’s Day following a night of boozing in Santa Monica.

But instead of taking Barbra’s advice to get Josh desperately needed help, James struck back cruelly by telling her to worry about her own family – a pointed reference to Barbra’s HIV-infected son Jason Gould. Then, the source continues, red-faced James stormed out of the couple’s Malibu mansion.

“It already angers James that Josh will rarely, if ever, come to visit him because he doesn’t want to run into Barbra,” disclosed the friend, noting that Josh still seethes over Streisand taking his estranged wife Diane Lane’s side when the pair split up earlier this year.

Josh recently announced he’s sworn off the bottle, but a family insider cautioned: “He’s made those kinds of pledges before but goes back on them. You can’t blame Barbra for being concerned. She and Josh don’t get along, but she wants the best for him. After all, he is her hus­band’s son.”

Sadly, friends fear Josh’s troubles may be the final straw for the Brolin-Streisand marriage. If so, they could wind up in a whopping $390 million divorce showdown.

“Josh’s slide into the abyss is the last thing James and Barbra need,” said the friend.

“James has talked pri­vately to Josh about getting his act together, but it seems that the last thing he wants from Barbra is her advice about his son. This family drama is pushing them past the breaking point.”