EVEN though Mickey Rooney’s estate was reported to be a paltry $18,000, a bitter family battle has erupted over it! 
The late actor’s biological chil­dren are preparing to wage a legal war against his stepson Mark Aber in a struggle to overturn the Hollywood legend’s final will. 
That will was written on March 11, just three weeks before Rooney died at age 93, and left his entire estate to Mark. 
But Rooney’s biological children are convinced the elderly actor was pressured into disinheriting them, and they’ve hired a hot-shot Hollywood attorney to argue their case. 
“We believe my father had an earlier will that left everything to his natural children,” an enraged Theodore “Ted” Rooney, 64, told The ENQUIRER. “But he was unduly influenced by Mark Aber and his family to sign a new will. They shanghaied my dad, mistreated him and abused him physically and mentally.” 
When Rooney passed away on April 6 after a nearly nine-decade acting career – his estate was said to be just $18,000. 
 According to Ted Rooney, his father was isolated from the rest of his family by his stepsons, Mark and Chris Aber, along with their  mother, Mickey’s es­tranged wife Jan. 
Rooney sued Chris Aber and his wife, Christina, for elder abuse in 2011. A $2.8 million settlement was negotiated with them in Mickey’s favor last year. But that sum was deemed “uncollectable” because Chris had declared bankruptcy. 
“Jan and her kids made getting in touch with my father almost im­possible,” Ted – whose mother was Mickey’s third wife, actress Martha Vickers – told The ENQUIRER. 
“I know they were trying to get his money. They’re already selling off my father’s memorabilia, but that belongs with his blood relatives. We are going to challenge the will. There are certain possessions the family would like to have, along with income from use of my father’s name and image.” 
At the time of his death, the pint-size actor was living with Mark Aber and his wife Charlene, who also use the surname Rooney. 
“When Mickey died, he owned nothing,” Charlene insisted. 
“He was destroyed financially, but we were determined to give him a good life. 
“Now we are being attacked by his other children because he loved us.” 
Her husband Mark added: “Mickey was there for me ever since I was a child, and I loved him.” 
Meanwhile, attorney Ayers said: “The last contact any of my clients had with their father was over a year ago. They have reason to be con­cerned about undue influence.”