A JEALOUS Michelle Obama went to ex­treme measures to keep her hubby from getting too close to Kim Kardashian at a recent charity fundraiser in Cali­fornia.

Not only did she send a stern message to the flirtatious reality star to keep her distance, she also warned the president to steer clear of the big-booty cutie – or else!

“Michelle believes any attractive woman is a threat when it comes to Barack,” said a D.C. insider, “so she went all out making sure Kim got nowhere near the president.”

According to the insider, Michelle, 50, even instructed the Secret Ser­vice and event security at Steven Spielberg’s USC Shoah Foundation 20th Anniversary “Ambassadors for Humanity” gala to keep the two apart.

“And she let Barack know he’d better not get anywhere near Kim’s ‘oversized butt!’” the insider added.

President Obama was a fea­tured speaker at the May 7 benefit in Los Angeles. Conan O’Brien hosted and Bruce Springsteen performed at the star-studded gala. Although a rep for Kim says she never asked for access to the com­mander in chief, a source revealed:

 “Kim’s table wasn’t close to Presi­dent Obama’s so she enlisted one of her minions to scout out the opportunity to meet him. Obama’s table and surrounding area was swarming with Secret Service, and security was very tight.

“Kim’s lackey was told to get lost, ruining Kim’s chances of meeting him.”

The first lady’s worst fear was that Kim, 33, would insist on taking a selfie with her snap-happy hubby – and that it would go viral on the Internet.

“Michelle believes Kim would do anything for publicity,” ex­plained the insider, “and she could just imagine Kim slinking over to Barack and taking a ‘selfie’ with their arms around each other – or worse, Barack staring at her butt.”

As The ENQUIRER reported last year, Michelle hit the roof after the president snapped a “selfie” with Denmark’s pretty blonde prime minister, Helle Thorning-Schmidt, during the memorial service for for­mer South African president Nelson Mandela in December.

We also revealed that Obama and his wife started sleeping in separate White House bedrooms after the incident.

“So Michelle wasn’t taking any chance that there could be a photo with Kim,” the insider continued. “Even an innocent one would make it look like Barack liked the Kardashi­ans, when the exact opposite is the case.”

The president has been frank re­garding his feelings about America’s most famous reality TV family. During an interview last year, he slammed Kim and fi­ance Kanye West for distorting the American Dream for to­day’s kids, saying that when he was young, “kids weren’t monitoring every day what Kim Kardashian was wear­ing, or where Kanye West was going on vacation, and thinking that somehow that was the mark of success.”

He also has called Kanye a “jack­ass” twice in interviews.

But a shared dislike of the Kardashians is one of the few things the first couple has in common these days, says the insider. As The ENQUIRER has reported, Michelle has already met with divorce lawyers and is planning a separate life after her husband leaves the White House.

The first lady has told pals she’s found a new home for her and daughters Sasha, 12, and Malia, 15, in Washington, D.C., while Obama will reportedly return to his native Hawaii.