Fame hungry EMILY MAYNARD is “majorly feuding” with her daughter’s grandparents Rick and Linda Kendrick.

Maynard is eyeing a move to Hollywood for her and daughter Ricki as she is keen to secure a full-time career in TV, possibly with a her own chat show, RadarOnline.com reported.

"Rick and Linda were horrified by the news that Emily wants to move to California," the source said.

 "They can't bear the thought of Ricki being that far away from them, she is the one thing that makes the pain of losing their son tolerable. They see so much of (dead son) Ricky in their granddaughter, they love her to pieces and have become incredibly close to her — she keeps the memory of Ricky alive.

"Both Rick and Linda are concerned that Emily is putting her own thirst for fame before the best interests of her daughter, and that as Ricki isn't able to have her father in her life it is even more important for her to be surrounded by close family and that obviously wouldn't be the case if she was moved from North Carolina to California. The issue has caused a huge rift between Emily, Rick and Linda."

"Rick, Linda and Emily do not speak at all now, aside from having to make arrangements regarding Ricki," the source divulged.

"They are majorly feuding and I don't see a resolution being reached anytime soon. It's pretty much the general consensus back home that fame has drastically changed Emily, it's gone to her head, and Rick and Linda are concerned over how that is affecting their granddaughter.

“They believe it is important for a child to be installed with a strong set of morals and to enjoy a stable upbringing and they are worried that's not the case right now as Emily appears more concerned with making it big than being a mom."