Idol judge Ellen DeGeneres freaks when she sees her close-up in crystal clear high definition!!

The new American Idol judge brought in her own lighting crew after she decided the talent show’s cameramen made her look too old and wrinkly.

But sources say network honchos thought Ellen looked just fine and only begrudgingly OK’d the move to keep her happy.

"Ellen thought her Idol  close-ups were very unflattering," a production insider told The ENQUIRER. "She said she was shocked at how old and tired she could look in high definition!"

On her talk show, the Emmy winner usually is filmed from a distance and bathed in soft, gauzy lighting.

But AI uses tight close-ups to catch the judges’ facial expressions as they react to contestants’ performances, and 52-year-old Ellen complained particularly about the crow’s feet around her eyes, said the source.

"So she proceeded to order her own lighting team from her show to come over and make her look better," the insider divulged.

"She had her people add lights and filters to ease her age lines."