Walk Away, Renee?

Ellen Pompeo’s ‘Anatomy’ Mistaken For Screen Star

Still happy to take someone else's complement!

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Ellen Pompeo smiled sweetly during a star-studded Hollywood shindig when a chatty chap started gushing about her spot-on British accent!

“The young man raved nonstop about the actress’ flawless foreign inflection and said that even his relatives in England were impressed by her superb skill,” an eavesdropping bloke blathered to The National ENQUIRER.

Born just outside of Boston in Everett, Mass., “Grey’s Anatomy” star Ellen ranks among TV’s highest paid actors, earning a reported $20 million a year.

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So the fawning lad must have felt like a total tosser (Brit-speak for idiot) when Ellen finally chuckled and broke it to him lightly.

“I get that all the time … You surely must think I’m Renée Zellweger (inset),” she said.

“I’m so flattered! I loved ‘Bridget Jones’s Diary.’”