Mike Walker

Talk Show Host Ellen DeGeneres Keeps It Hush-Hush At Home

Her wife Portia de Rossi wants the staff working in silence!

Ellen degeneres portia de rossi
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Mike Walker Reports… Whistle while you work? … Hell, no! … No damn humming, either!!

That’s what Ellen DeGeneres’ spouse Portia De Rossi — the unchallenged lady of the house — demands and gets from intimidated servants, who walk on eggshells when she’s around!

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Whispers My SpyWitness: “Portia insists on absolute silence from her household staff!

“She gets mega-stressed — especially if she’s been working late on her show ‘Scandal,’ doing press, or traveling.

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“She wants it pin-drop silent — and if a maid or cook absentmindedly hums while working, there’s hell to pay!

“Ellen shrugs, but knows — as does the staff — that when Portia’s present, it’s strictly STFU!’”