Mike Walker

Ellen DeGeneres Begs Flawless Jane Fonda: Teach Me Secrets Of Oooo-La-La!

Portia de Rossie due something new!

ellen degeneres jane fonda beauty tips
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Mike Walker Reports Here’s fun, frothy truth, folks: Ellen DeGeneres just took a huge step, begging legendary Hollywood beauty Jane Fonda — who, at 78, looks at least 20 years younger — to confidentially reveal her stay-fresh secrets!

Said My Youth Truther: “Ellen, 58, personally reached out to Jane, confiding she wants her expert advice on looking young with nip/tuck rejuvenating!

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“While Jane still looks incredible — NOT phony or plastic — Ellen’s noticing more facial lines, and desperately wants to look her youth-iest for TV … and hot young wife Portia de Rossi!”

So, when DeG debuts next season looking radically refreshed … remember: Mikey told ya!!