TV talk-show veteran Ellen DeGeneres has launched a scathing war of words against new kid on the block Kris Jenner!

Kris’ self-titled FOX chat-fest debuted on July 15 to stellar ratings, beating out big-name regulars such as Steve Harvey, Katie Couric – and even Ellen – in some markets.

Now the normally good-natured Ellen is hopping mad and telling pals that reality star Kris is going to give talk shows a bad name.

“She’ll make a mockery out of talk shows because she doesn’t care about her guests,” Ellen said, according to a source. “She only cares about herself.”

Ellen blasted Kris, 57, for hint­ing around on Twitter that she’d have her new granddaughter, North (daughter Kim and Kanye West’s baby) on the show, then cradling a newborn on camera that turned out to be her stylist’s baby.

“There may be some jealousy involved on Ellen’s part,” con­ceded the source, “but when Kris popped up on the show with a baby, briefly faking the audi­ence into thinking it was Kim’s, it seemed to prove Ellen’s point that Kris is only thinking about ratings.”

Ellen, 55, is said to also be criti­cizing Kris for enlisting a guest co-host on every show, with a lineup including Kathie Lee Gif­ford, NeNe Leakes and Ryan Seacrest.

“Ellen thinks that Kris is using a string of celebrity co-hosts because she doesn’t have the personality to carry a show by herself,” continued the source. “And she doesn’t believe Kris sets a good example for teenage girls, seeing how the Kardashian kids are spoiled rotten.”

But animal-loving Ellen’s biggest beef with Kris – and most of the Kardashian clan – is a personal one: She hates that they wear fur and buy their pup­pies from pet shops instead of rescuing.

“Ellen doesn’t think Kris cares about anything except making money – and keeping her family in the spotlight,” said the source.