Ellen DeGeneres: ‘Help Out Your Parents,’ Neighbors Say

Her father struggles to walk up the stairs to his home!

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Ellen DeGeneres is under fire for not finding her frail 90-year-old father a new home!

Retired insurance salesman Elliott DeGeneres was recently spotted struggling to carry bags from his car to his second-floor apartment. He was hunched over, and his pants were nearly falling off as he shuffled along.

His wife, Virginia, 77, also paused to catch her breath, and looked pained climbing a steep flight of steps after shopping at a nearby drugstore in La Jolla, Calif.

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Elliott refused an offer of help, saying: “I’m OK.”

But an outraged neighbor hinted his famous talk show host daughter — worth an estimated $330 million — rarely visits the modest $350,000 home where he’s lived for more than 20 years.

“Elliott and his wife desperately need a new place to live!” said the neighbor.

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“They can’t keep climbing those steps! It’s heartbreaking to see. They should be in an assisted living facility without stairs.

“I respect Elliott for keeping his independence. But hopefully Ellen will realize that helping him move to a place with no stairs will help.

A source close to Ellen told The National ENQUIRER her father adores living where he does.

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But another neighbor said: “It’s not right that a 90-year-old should have to climb those stairs! God forbid if either of them tripped and fell! The consequences could be terrible!”

Elliott and Ellen’s mother, Betty, split in 1970 when Ellen was 13.

After Ellen, 58, came out as gay, she and her father were briefly estranged.

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But two years ago, Elliott insisted: “I love her (Ellen) very, very, very much. Everything is fine between us. I go up to L.A.”