ELLEN DEGENERES is so determined to have Hollywood good looks when she hosts the next Acad­emy Awards, she could fork out as much as $50,000 for plas­tic surgery, say sources.

The 55-year-old talk-show host, who prides herself on her youthful appear­ance, has been busy consulting with experts on the best proce­dures to erase years but leave her looking as if she’s had “nothing done” when she head­lines the March 2 broadcast, ac­cording to an insider.

That could cost the comic a bundle.

“Ellen could easily spend as much as $50,000 if she were to undergo a full facial makeover,” Dr. Vladimir Grigoryants, a top Los Angeles plastic surgeon, told The ENQUIRER.

The physician, who’s not treat­ed the star, says she’s beginning to show “inevitable signs of aging with loose skin and deep creases on her face and neck.”

He said Ellen could well afford a face-lift plus other pricey pro­cedures that cost as much as fifty grand, and work wonders.

A good face-lift “would help re­move the creases in her face, lines around her eyes and forehead, as well as tighten the jowls and the area below her chin,” said the expert.

Depending on its complexity, the surgery could cost Ellen as much as $25,000 and require a three-week recovery.

“If Ellen would like to mini­mize the vertical creases between her eyebrows, erase frown lines or reposition her eyebrows to make her appear more youthful, then I would recommend a brow-lift, which has a three-week recovery period and can cost as much as $5,000. If Ellen wanted to go all out, she could fix the droopy areas around her eyes. The cost to do both upper and lower eyelids could be as high as $5,000 and recovery time is about two weeks.”

Finally, Ellen might want to put the finishing touches on her face-over with a nose job that lifts, narrows and shortens her schnozz, a $12,000 procedure.

We’ll all know Oscar night – or if the surgery’s that good, maybe we won’t!