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Ellen DeGeneres Dines Out On Doggie Bags

A huge helping of daytime-talk dish!

ellen degeneres dinner doggie bags
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Ellen DeGeneres, after a woofing down a great Italian dinner with three galpals (not including her wife, Portia De Rossi) at BevHills eatery Madeo, couldn’t cope with leaving behind even a single delicious bite — of her friends’ meals!

“Ellen has a very healthy appetite and cleaned off everything on her plate, but noticed the other women hadn’t wolfed down all of their food,” dished a pasta spy.

“She asked if they were taking the uneaten grub home, but when they turned up their noses, Ellen promptly picked up the pieces, literally, of yummy scraps,” the spy reported to The National ENQUIRER.

Ellen DeGeneres Dumps Portia De Rossi!

“She wasn’t about to let a measly mouthwatering morsel go to waste.”

The talk show gazillionaire barked for a server to pack up all the oodles of noodle leftovers, then “schlepped the doggie bag snacks back to her place, excited to have her lunch already set for the next day.”

Buon Appetito! “