THE shoe’s on the 
other foot! After Portia de Rossi’s reported rehab stint, her wife Ellen DeGeneres is now being urged to get help for her drinking, sources exclusively told The National ENQUIRER.

“It’s always been that Portia was the one with the problem,” said one source.

“She reportedly went into rehab earlier this summer, at Passages Malibu, for both drugs and alcohol.

“But few people know that Ellen loves to drink – 
especially wine.”

Sources said Ellen, 56, and “Arrested Development” beauty Portia, 41, both drink a lot and even got into terrible fights, although Portia’s the one that reportedly went into rehab.

“I was told that Ellen is often embarrassed by Portia’s drunken antics around friends,” said celebrity journalist Randy Jernigan earlier this year.

“She gets flirty and loud. They’ve had blowout fights around their family and friends – not just behind closed doors.”

In 2011, The ENQUIRER reported that Portia, Ellen’s mother Betty and brother Vance urged her to get help for her drinking.

Ellen was even considering joining Alcoholics Anonymous, said sources.

“Ellen’s always been a big drinker, and she’s been trying to cut back for a very long time,” a close friend added.

“But she’s afraid that if she attends meetings, she may damage her clean-cut image.”

When asked to name her favorite cocktail, Ellen once quipped: “That’s like asking a mother to choose which child is her favorite!”

She even swigs from a bottle of vodka or wine during cooking segments on her daytime show, sources revealed.

“She jokes about it all the time, but this woman can drink,” declared rock star Pink during a guest appearance.

There was recent talk that Ellen would scale back to help Portia stay sober. But insiders said that never happened.

“And with the holidays coming, everyone’s worried that Ellen’s drinking could get out of control!” the source said.