In a final act of revenge, a dying ELIZABETH EDWARDS told her philandering husband, John : "You ruined my life – I’ll NEVER forgive you!"

A broken Edwards repeatedly begged his estranged wife for redemption, but to add one last bitter insult, Elizabethc hanged her will to cut him off from part of their $53 million fortune if he marries mistress Rielle Hunter.

That amended will also attempts to ban Rielle and her toddler daughter – Edwards’ love child – from seeing Elizabeth’s two young children, sources tell The ENQUIRER
And with her life ebbing away, Elizabeth struck her philandering husband a devastating final blow – banning the former U.S. senator from speaking at her funeral.

 "When it finally dawned on him that the end was near for Elizabeth, John collapsed," the close source divulged.

"He broke down more than once, his eyes filling with tears. He actually doubled over at her bedside in grief.

"But no matter what he said, John couldn’t get Elizabeth to forgive him.

"She showed him no remorse – other than praying with him that God give him the strength to protect and raise their two young children.

"Before she died, she unleashed her anger at John one last time, telling him, ‘You ruined my life – I’ll NEVER forgive you!’

"Those words will haunt John forever."

Elizabeth also vented her dying hatred toward Rielle, the "new age" temptress who destroyed both their marriage and any political future the disgraced Senator might have had .

"Elizabeth screamed at John that Rielle…. will ‘rot in hell!’," the close source divulged.

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