During the time JOHN EDWARDS denounced The ENQUIRER’s investigation into his mistress and cover-up as "tabloid trash" startling new voice mails  reveal the disgraced two-time Presidential candidate  was playing very close attention to The ENQUIRER’s exhaustive reportage. 

WTVD-11, an ABC news affiliate in Raleigh, North Carolina recently obtained several voice mail messages reportedly left by Edwards to former loyalist Andrew Young who covered up the affair with mistress Rielle Hunter with the monetary assistance of Fred Baron.

The recordings were turned over to the federal grand jury investigating Edwards’ alleged use of Presidential campaign funds to buy a conspiracy of silence. 

After Enquirer investigative team caught Edwards visiting his mistress and love child at the Beverly Hills Hilton  in July 2008, hushed phone call exchanged were made between Young, Edwards and money man, the late Fred Baron, who allegedly bankrolled much of the alleged cover-up.

After Baron called inquiring after Rielle’s status in the midst of the sensational blockbusters being made public by The ENQUIRER, Edwards called Young, reputedly leaving him a terse voicemail.

"Andrew, it’s John," says Edwards. "I did just find something out about what’s on the cover of the National Enquirer."

Two days after The ENQUIRER’s pictures of Edwards holding his love child were published,   making headlines around the world, Edwards admitted the affair on national TV.

On 20/20, Edwards still maintained the lie that he was not the father.

Months later, only after the federal grand jury began convening their probe in alleged campaign malfeasance, did Edwards finally admit paternity.