LATEST! JOHN EDWARDS mistress RIELLE HUNTER will NOT be called as a witness for the prosecution.

Federal prosecutors trying the disgraced politician Edwards, 58, on campaign finance charge violations, told the judge that they plane expect to wrap their case Thursday, and Hunter was not on the list of witnesses they intend to call.
As THE ENQUIRER reported Hunter, who had an affair and bore Edwards' love child was offered an immunity agreement by prosecutors.
Hunter may be called by the defense, but legal analysts say that would be unlikely.
The unpredictability of what Hunter might say makes putting her on the stand a tough call for both prosecution and Edwards’ defense team.
"It's an untold and unfinished story if prosecutors don't bring her in," Karen Shanahan, a former Raleigh, NC prosecutor told TheProvince.com.
Current deputy communications director for the Obama White House, Jennifer Palmieri, a former Edwards campaign spokeswoman took the stand today with more damning testimony for the prosecution.
Palmieri, 45, who brokered the deal with Edwards to appear on ABC News to admit the affair after the NATIONAL ENQUIRER released photos of Edwards with his love child in August 2008, recounted in great detail the duplicitous machinations of the conspirators.
Palmieri testified that she turned to Edwards after The ENQUIRER's  bombshell world exclusive appeared in Oct. 2007 said: "If it's true, don't think you're going to survive THIS."
Palmieri was the latest in a long line of prosecution witnesses who told jurors that Edwards lied repeatedly, orchestrating a conspiracy of silence funded by nearly a million dollars of presidential campaign funds.