The judge in the legal battle over the sex tape between JOHN EDWARDS‘ mistress RIELLE HUNTER and former aide ANDREW YOUNG has has ordered the sex tape talk sealed.

He ruled that the information gleaned from a planned deposition be kept private from the public for 45 days.

Hunters team tried to secure a blanket order not only sealing all depositions from public view but baring all participants including Andrew Young, Rielle Hunter and the John Edwards himself (who was deposed last week) from publicly discussing or disclosing any information.

To do, Hunter’s team argued would harm her reputation and imperil her privacy, The Charlotte Observer reported. 

Superior Court Judge Allen Baddour
was openly skeptical Wednesday in a hearing that Hunter could have a legitimate expectation to privacy, considering TV chat with Oprah Winfrey and her interview and bawdy photo spread in GQ.

"Why does she get to try the case in the media and the court?" the judge demanded of Hunter’s lawyers.

Still, the judge issued a 45 day "cone of silence" over the case that is expected to begin in September.

Neither Young, Hunter nor Edwards were present in court.

As THE ENQUIRER reported previously, Edwards, a former cagey trail lawyer, is believed to be behind Hunter’s legal maneuvering in her sex-tape war with former loyalist Andrew Young.

The tape is reputed to show Edwards and Hunter engaged in several acts of a sexual nature.