Despite campaign aide Andrew Young‘s claim he fathered the baby of John Edwards‘ mistress Rielle Hunter, The ENQUIRER has learned exclusively  Young has never given her a dime.

The 44-year-old blonde divorcee is still getting paid "hush money," but absolutely no child support or other monetary compensation has ever been made by Young, say sources.

Young told The ENQUIRER last year – when Rielle was seven months pregnant – that he was the baby’s father. But when Rielle gave birth in late February, no father was listed on her daughter’s birth certificate.

And now Young has simply clammed up.

"Andrew Young hasn’t paid a red cent to Rielle or her baby Frances because he’s never had a relationship with Rielle and he’s not the father," revealed a close source.

"He hasn’t even spoken to Rielle in almost two months since she lived with him and his wife Cheri and their three kids in Santa Barbara, Calif., as part of the cover-up.

"As you can imagine, that wasn’t a great living situation, and after Rielle and Cheri butted heads, Rielle moved into her own home.

"The Youngs no longer have contact with Rielle. Now if Andrew was indeed the father, don’t you think Rielle would be asking for child support?

"But Andrew never has supported Rielle financially."

After The ENQUIRER first began investigating the Rielle-Edwards connection, Young moved into high gear under Edwards’ direction – helping Rielle leave New York City and hide out for a while in North Carolina
Neither Rielle nor Young offered any evidence of a prior romantic relationship, and both turned down The ENQUIRER’s request to take lie detector tests about the paternity of Rielle’s child.

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