The Munsters’ BUTCH PATRICK goes more than one step…BEYOND!

AS if starring as a wolfboy on the classic sitcom “The Munsters” wasn’t spooky enough, actor Butch Patrick just found out his grandma’s house – where he used to play – is haunted!

Patrick says he was a frequent visitor to his grandmother’s Victorian-style home in Macon, Mo., while playing werewolf Eddie Munster on the show from 1964 to 1966.

And later, “Every 20 years or so, I would drive by the house to visit,” says the 60-year-old actor, who was a preteen when he landed his most famous role.

Recently, he learned the house was in foreclosure so he decided to buy it.

He recalls that his granny and sister had witnessed supernatural stuff going on and now, “it turns out it’s haunted,” he says spookily.

“I had some experts come in and they found, like, 13 entities in the house.”

While Patrick admits, “I’ve never actually physically seen something…I have felt some interesting things.

“I’ve felt something pass through me before – which is REALLY scary.” Better bring your doll Woof Woof to stave off the night terrors, Butch!