CLINT EASTWOOD appeared frosty with his wife Dina Ruiz at his daughter Alison’s wedding, a source says.

Eyewitnesses at Alison’s intimate March 15 nuptials told The ENQUIRER that the 82-year-old “Dirty Harry” star looked like he was far from the beaming father of the bride, and did not appear to even acknowledge his wife, according to one source who was at the wedding.

“Clint Eastwood was noticeably subdued and I did not see him speak much to Dina,” a source said after Alison wed “Chainsaw Gang” reality star sculptor Stacy Poitras at the Saddle Peak Lodge restaurant in Calabasas, Calif.

“Alison’s mother Maggie Johnson was over the moon, but in my opinion, Clint did not look happy.”

The Oscar-winning Hollywood legend looked frail in a simple suit, but 47-year-old Dina nearly upstaged the bride in a vavoomy red gown, said the source.

Alison, a 40-year-old actress and model, wore a 1930s-era Hollywood-style dress and carried a white and lavender bouquet. The groom, 45, left his chain saw at home in favor of a casual gray suit  with a purple boutonniere.

Instead of bridesmaids, the couple’s three dogs served as unofficial “ring bearers.”

After Eastwood walked his daughter down the aisle at the outdoor ceremony, the 20 family members and guests gathered in a private area inside the restaurant, the source said.

“Clint retreated to the far end of the table,” said the source.

“He and Dina sat together, but they didn’t look happy and barely interacted with each other. Clint mainly kept to himself.”

As The ENQUIRER has exclusively reported, former TV news anchor Dina had moved out of the couple’s California home after their 16-year marriage exploded over her reality TV show, “Mrs. Eastwood & Company,” which sources say her husband despised.

Until his daughter’s wedding, Eastwood hadn’t been photographed with Dina since November 2011.

Since their split, Dina has been living in Texas and Hawaii, while Eastwood spends his time at the family’s homes in Carmel, Calif., and Hawaii, sources say.

The two were careful to avoid each other at their Maui home – with the “Unforgiven” star arriving after Dina and their daughter Morgan, 16, left in October.

At the wedding, Eastwood sipped on what looked like a glass of whiskey and barely ate, said the source.

“Clint played with his food a bit and tried to be polite to guests, but otherwise he kept a very low profile,” said the source.

“In fact, when guests at the end of the table started knocking back too much red wine and getting a bit rowdy, Clint was noticeably annoyed.”