“You feel sober today punk? Well, do YOU?!” iconic tough guy CLINT EASTWOOD first prompted CHARLIE SHEEN to seek help for his drug abuse problems.  

Sheen has struggled with addiction most of his career, and was once hospitalized in 1998 after overdosing on cocaine.

In the midst of his meltdown, Sheen's dad Martin, his  family and friends sat the Two and a Half Men thesp down in an intervention attempt. 

Their mission to persuade Charlie, 46, to sign up for treatment, but he refused.

Until he received a call his “The Rookie” co-star Eastwood.

During a recent TV sports show app “CenterStage”, Sheen admitted, "There's a phone call at the very end (of the intervention), and it's Clint Eastwood.

“And he says, 'Come on, kid, you know, you're tougher than this, just go fix yourself, get back in the game.'

"And I was like, 'Alright, Clint.'

“ How do you say no to Dirty Harry, you know? So I went (into rehab)… It helped at the time."