The Duggars, the hugely popular 21-member reality  family on TLC’s 19 Kids & Counting, are accused of hiding a dark secret – critics say they’re part of a fringe religious group that is plotting to take over the U.S. government!

On TV, Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar seem to live a perfect, faith-based life in an immaculate Arkansas home with their 19 well-behaved children.

But some people say their TV show downplays their connection to a sect known as the QuiverFull movement and a religious leader who forbids watching TV and listening to rock music. QuiverFull’s opponents call the group a cult.

Aurthor Kathryn Joyce, author of QuiverFull: Inside The Christian Patriarchy Movement, told The ENQUIRER.

"The idea is that if Christian couples breed and indoctrinate enough children, they can take over both houses of Congress, ‘reclaim’ sinful cities like San Francisco and launch massive boycotts against companies that do not support conservative Christian beliefs."

The QuiverFull sect’s ultimate goal is to take over the American government, according to another former member.

In a statement to The ENQUIRER, Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar denied being affiliated with QuiverFull. However, the Duggars’ book and show DVDs are sold on the QuiverFull Web site.

AND Newsweek magazine has alleged the family is following the QuiverFull belief system.

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