DUCK DYNASTY patriarch Phil Robertson may not look like someone you’d turn to for marital advice, but that hasn’t stopped the outspoken reality star from dishing it out!

His ideal woman? A duck-plucking, bullfrog-eating, Bible-reading coun­try girl who can cook.

“My idea of happiness is killin’ things, skinnin’ things, pluckin’ things and having a big meal with all of your children and grandchildren around,” Phil declared.

By those standards, Phil must be a very happy guy. He and his wife, Miss Kay, whom he married when she was just 16, have four children and 14 grandchil­dren.

“The first prerequisite is to check a girl’s cooking” said Phil. “If she’ll pluck the duck you just killed, that’s good, but if her cooking don’t stack up – ADIOS! You can’t live off of love alone or you’ll starve. Then make sure she carries her Bible and lives by it every day. And she don’t have to be pretty, neither. Besides, it’s hard to find pretty girls who carry the Bible around these days.

“Get someone who is meek, gentle, kind-spirited …a country girl that loves to eat bullfrogs – now there’s a woman. Don’t get no yuppie girl.”

Phil also thinks men should find a suitable woman when she’s “15 or 16” – with her father’s permission, of course!

Phil, 66, started whittling duck calls by hand out of cedar trees in his native Monroe, La., in 1972. That modest start has since launched the multimillion-dollar “Duck Commander” empire and cata­pulted the eccentric family’s reality show, “Duck Dynasty,” to the top of the ratings.

The Feb. 27 premiere of the series’ third season drew a whopping 8.6 million viewers – doubling Season 2 numbers.

Phil’s son Willie seems to be following his father’s advice when it comes to marriage. He met his wife, Korie, at a youth camp when she was in the third grade and he was in the fourth.

“She and I were poor together. It’s taken years to get where we are now,” Willie said recently. “I yield to her all the time. Women have a certain perception that a lot of men don’t. Had I not been married to her, I never would have done anything that I’ve done today.”