MICHAEL DOUGLAS' son, CAMERON, who is in federal prison for drug trafficking was viciously attacked  as payback for his testimony.

Douglas had his leg and a finger broken,The New York Post reported.

Cameron, 34, became the target of a New York mobster who put a mere $100 bounty on Douglas.

As The ENQUIRER previously reported, during his trial, Cameron turned state’s evidence, ratting out his drug suppliers during his original sentencing hearing, information that was inadvertently revealed by his shrink during a 2010 bail hearing.

 Cameron's testimony against the dealers helped get him a sentence reduction of five year, instead of 10 year, sentence in 2009. 

But he later earned himself an additional four and a half years behind bars for smuggling in heroin and a prescription narcotic while at the Metropolitan Correctional Center in Manhattan.

RadarOnline.com reported Michael Douglas has remained dedicated to trying to help his troubled son. Even when the actor was battling cancer two years ago, he regularly made the 200 mile trip to visit Cameron at his Pennsylvania prison.


An insider told the NY Tab that the pampered, baby-faced Douglas has “gone gangster” in the joint, reshaping himself by pumping iron and getting prison tattoos.

Cameron's not eligible for release until 2018.