Doris Day Animal Telepath

Animal lover DORIS DAY is spending her final days “telepathically” communicating with her pets!

Doris, 91, only sees humans on special occasions, her friends said.

She prefers to spend her time with her dogs in her Carmel, Calif., home.

“She used to sing to the pets night and day,” a pal revealed.

“She would sing all of her songs that were hits from the old days – but she doesn’t do that too much anymore.”

That’s because the “Que Sera, Sera” singer thinks she is truly “in tune” with her furry friends – and that they now communicate with her through brain waves!

She’s working on answering them without sound, and is “strengthening that muscle” by not speaking at all one day a week, divulged the insider.

The pal said: “With this mind communication, now even the dogs don’t get to hear her beautiful voice.”