Most bizarre coupling EVER as Donny and Susan head off to Nonny-Land!.

Well, not exactly – but the two singing sensations do doze off in blankets bearing each other’s likeness.

It all started when Susan – who became a worldwide sensation after her jaw-dropping 2009 audition on “Britain’s Got Talent” – mentioned Donny was her childhood idol.

“My fans made me a blanket with Donny’s face on it,” Susan said in a recent interview. “I still have it on my bed because it keeps me warm.”

AND Susan, 51, was thrilled beyond words when she sang with Donny, 55, on Oct. 17 at the Flamingo in Las Vegas.

“If someone told me years ago I’d be performing on stage with Donny, I’d have laughed at them,” said Susan, whose new album “Standing Ovation” features duets with Donny. “He’s been my idol since I was 13. He was such a gentleman. I was shaking like a leaf, but Donny held my hand and calmed me down.”

To make the night even more special, her fans stitched together a blanket with Susan’s face on it and presented it to Donny.

The bighearted father of five sons – who’s been married to wife Debra for 34 years – promised Susan that he’d sleep with it.

“But he’s a married man, so it really depends on his wife, doesn’t it?” Susan joked.

A source added: “Susan says her life has been a whirlwind since ‘Britain’s Got Talent,’ but performing with Donny was a dream come true.”