Medical Alert!

Dolly Parton’s Transplant Nightmare

She's appealing to the public for a donor!

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Distraught country legend Dolly Parton — who has bravely battled her own physical ailments — is locked in a race against time to save the life of her ailing pal!

Desperate Dolly has joined the search for an organ donor to help her longtime personal attorney Jerry Edelstein, who is facing renal failure and is in need of a kidney, sources say.

“Jerry and I have been friends for several decades now, and he’s one of the finest people in the whole world,” she says. “One of my wishes is for a new kidney for Jerry. I am not a suitable donor.”

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A source told The ENQUIRER that loving Dolly would have been the first to line up to donate a kidney, but is not able to do so. Edelstein needs a kidney from someone with an O blood type.

“It’s so tough on Dolly, who would do anything to help him,” the insider adds. “She would give him a kidney in a flash, if she could. But right now, she’s so frustrated not being able to do so. All we can do is hope her pleas fall on the right set of ears.”

The situation is particularly heartbreaking for the 69-year-old Dolly, who has faced her own medical woes throughout the years.

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She was rushed to Vanderbilt University Medical Center in Nashville a few months ago under an assumed named after suffering from kidney stones.

Dolly appears on a video asking for help on The Flood Sisters Kidney Foundation of America website.

The website notes that Edelstein “has been seeking a kidney for many years, and if he’s unable to get one in early 2016, his time is short.”

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“In the spirit of giving, please go to and see how you can help.” Dolly wrote.

“Right now, Dolly and everyone else … we’re just watching and waiting,” says the insider. “Time is running out.”