Swinging '70s!

Dolly Parton: Her Walk On The Wild Side

She was a terror in Times Square!

Dolly parton getty PP
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Dolly Parton played a madam in “The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas” — 13 years after being mistaken for a New York City streetwalker!

“I had never seen an X-rated movie, and I was curious,” admits Dolly of the 1969 trip to seedy Times Square with longtime close pal Judy Ogle.

When they popped into one “tacky little place,” they were followed out by a would-be john!

Dolly Parton Working Herself To Death — Just Like Lost Love Merle Haggard!

“We had gaudy hair, and we looked like a couple of prostitutes, so this guy tried to put the make on me,” she recalled.
Just 23, Dolly was already a pistol — and she was packing one, too!

“So I had to tell this guy that if he didn’t stop touching me, I’d turn him from a rooster into a hen!” the candid songbird crowed.