The DIXIE CHICKS are in danger of falling apart after lead singer Natalie Maines said she doesn’t want to go on tour, say sources.

Natalie, 38, said that she’d rather focus on cutting a new album than hitting the road for a Canadian tour, but was outvoted by the Grammy-winning band’s original members, sisters Martie Maguire and Emily Robison.

“I just don’t feel like it’s The Dixie Chicks’ time,” Natalie told radio shock jock Howard Stern, adding that the super-group may be “petering out.”

Outspoken Natalie “has been nothing but trouble ever since she slammed President George W. Bush onstage in 2003 over the U.S. invasion in Iraq,” a source close to the Texas-raised country trio told The ENQUIRER. “Natalie still likes to stir the pot. Her recent comments about not wanting to tour were a complete slap in the face to the other two. Natalie wouldn’t be anywhere if Martie and Emily hadn’t chosen her as lead singer, so they think she should be more grateful.

“They just want her to shut up and sing.”

After Natalie’s 2003 outburst, the group was staggered by a backlash that included radio stations refusing to play their music, having their CDs smashed and even death threats. It also created a rift in the group that has never completely healed, say insiders.

“Natalie’s future with the band is uncertain,” noted the source. “There are so many talented singers out there that would, and could, replace her in a heartbeat.”