PRESIDENT OBAMA may have unintentionally "outed" ABC newswoman ROBIN ROBERTS by giving the “Good Morning America” host his historic gay-marriage interview.

Insiders say the president had no idea that the 51-year-old had long been at the center of gay rumors.

And while the unmarried “GMA” star knew that taking on the assignment would shine a spotlight on her personal life, insiders say there was no way she was “going to turn down a career-making interview,” said a friend.

“It was the first time a sitting president declared his support for same-sex marriage.

“When Robin was told by ABC bosses that she was handpicked for the interview, she immediately put her personal issues to the side and said she’d do it.

“But it appears Obama knew nothing of the rumors, and in some respects he may have unintentionally outed her by making her

Robin has never been linked romantically to a man, and Internet bloggers have been buzzing for years that she may “play for the same team.”

After the May 9 interview at the White House, the gay website Queerty.com questioned whether Obama chose Robin for the interview because he’d heard the rumors that she was a lesbian.

Throughout her career, Robin has tried to steer clear of  discussing her sexuality. A breast cancer survivor, she lives on New York’s Upper West Side with her Jack Russell terrier, K.J.

“The White House never told ABC or Robin why she was chosen,” noted a source. “She wants to believe it was because she’s a fair and accurate TV journalist.

“But if she is gay, it’s certainly going to make her even more popular in that community than she already is.”