Mike Walker

Diana Ross Gets Glam Again — Over Vanity

Spotlight catches up with Motown legend!

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Mike Walker reports… Dance diva Diana Ross damn near died of shame after finally discovering there “ain’t no mountain high enough” to duck prowling paparazzi who snap sneaky pics of her!

The dance diva kept getting caught in housewifely smocks, sloppy schmattas — and sporting NO dangling diamonds — making shocked fans think she ain’t a Hollywood superstar no more!

Said a family member: “After decades of sparkling in sequins and dripping diamonds, Diana gradually started enjoying schlepping around Beverly Hills au naturel, not wearing expensive duds and pounds of makeup!

“But after finally noticing she rarely hit the headlines/pics in star mags or triggered fan-shrieks in the streets, it suddenly became too much for her diva ego.

“So she’s started slapping on the war paint again, slipping into slinky skirts — and dangling bawdy baubles between her boobs!”