Pity the poor monster man unkind – as vengeful HULK HOGAN on war path after “coitus BFF ex-wife-us” footage is leaked.

In an interview Hulk boo-hoos he’s “devastated” by the release of a sex tape featuring him and Heather Clem, the former wife of BFF and wrestler Bubba the Love Sponge.

The tape, he says, has "rattled" his new wife, Jennifer McDaniel.

A clearly embarrassed Hogan (aka Terry Bollea) blabbed about the tape with TODAY’s Hoda Kotb and Kathie Lee Gifford.

During the puff piece, Hogan said the tape was made without his knowledge more than six years ago while he was still married to his now ex-wife, Linda Hogan.

"It's just something that has devastated me and totally … I've never been on something on this level," he told them.

Hogan says he was at a "friend's house" (cough–Bubba?) when the incident occurred, and "I had no idea there was a camera in the room."

Hogan says he was at a "very low point" when he was taped without his knowledge, but added, "I'm not making excuses, I'm accountable, I was the guy, I was there, I made the choice."

Hogan also ballyhooed his re-emerging masculinity on The Howard Stern Show on Sirius/XM earlier on Tuesday, confirming his sex partner was Heather Clem.

Calling the tape “appalling” and a “bad choice,”  he vowed to find out who secretly shot it and made it public, RadarOnline.com warned a waiting world. (pssst Bubba—look OUT)

“I'm going full-blown to try to find out who did this to me and why and what's the motivation," he said.

Ka-CHING, Hulkster – and hey when was the last time you were Mr. Front Page? Hmmmmmmmmmmm….????

pssst BUBBA LOOK OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!