Depp Lover Just Can’t Quit Her Lesbian Ex

JOHNNY DEPP is green with jealousy that his sweetheart, Amber Heard, has been spending time with her former lesbian lover!

The “3 Days to Kill” beauty is still close with ex-flame Tasya van Ree, despite dumping the 37-year-old photographer in 2012 to date Depp. Since then, the “Pirates of the Caribbean” star has been fine with Amber staying in touch with Tasya, but insiders say he’s starting to feel insecure about their relationship.

And his concern reached new heights after Amber recently spent several hours at Tasya’s Holly­wood home!

“Johnny has gone out of his way to curb his insecurities since he and Amber started dating,” said an insider. “He’s actually encouraged her to stay friends with Tasya, and he gave her full permission to spend time over at her place when she suggested it.

“But since she came back, Johnny’s noticed how strong Amber’s feelings still are for Tasya. They’ve been on the phone pretty much night and day.

“He’s having second thoughts about letting her spend time with Tasya again, that’s for sure.”

As The ENQUIRER previously reported, Johnny, 50, and Amber, 27, are planning to tie the knot this summer. And not long after that, the screen hunk wants to start a family.

The two fell in love while filming “The Rum Diary” in 2009 but only went public with their romance after Johnny ended his 14-year relationship with French singer Vanessa Paradis, with whom he has two kids – Lily-Rose, 14, and Jack, 11.

“Amber is an incredibly independent person, and Johnny respects that,” added another source. “It’s a big rea­son why he fell in love with her.

“But he’s also aware that she and Tasya have an intense bond, and he says he’d be foolish not to keep an eye on it.”