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Dennis Rodman Is Still On Kim Jong-Un’s Team

Threats of nuclear war can't threaten their friendship!

dennis rodman kim jong un north korea
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Dennis Rodman keeps defending 
his bloodthirsty dictator pal Kim Jong-un, insisting the nuke-happy Rocket Man is “more like a kid than anything.”

The former NBA star, who has a bizarre ­friendship with the crazed North Korean kingpin, admits Kim is “probably a madman, but I don’t see it.”

Delusional diplomat Rodman — who started his year being booked in California on Jan. 13 on an alleged DUI charge — has visited the hermit nation five times since 2013.

Despite the North Korean dictator’s recent threats of nuclear war against Donald Trump, the sports star still insists that the deranged leader — who recently shot and killed his own top advisor — has “changed so much for the people” of North Korea.