Every Penny!

Beverly Hills ‘Housewife’ Denise Richards Flips Out Over Lotto Win

Struggling star celebrates her big jackpot!

denise richards rhobh money problems
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Denise Richards was fresh from fighting in court with her ex-husband Charlie Sheen when she landed herself a sweet $1 million-a-season deal to join “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” — and now the newlywed has something new to celebrate!

After landing brand-new handsome husband Aaron Phypers, Denise won another kind of lottery while playing the old-fashioned way.

“Denise recently bought a California Lotto ‘instant winner’ dollar scratch-off at a place near her home,” snitched a spy, “and scraped off the seal right on the spot.”

That’s when the“Wild Things” beauty showed off that success hasn’t spoiled her yet.

“She literally started jumpin’ for joy,” said the insider “squealing, ‘OMG, I won, I won,’ as she cashed in her golden ticket — worth a whopping ten bucks!”