DENISE RICHARDS says she now regrets her breast implants that boosted her from “Flatty McFlatsville” to bountiful D-cup and CHARLIE SHEEN wife.

Writing in ivillage essay, Denis wishes she hadn’t made the silicon enhanced choice, worrying she’s sending the wrong message to her young daughters, Lola and Sam.

"At 19 when I first got my breasts done, I wish that I was confident enough with my body to not have had surgery," Denise writes. "That is something that I really want to encourage in my daughters, to embrace their healthy body and have confidence."

"I'm in a business where looks and weight do matter. My girls see me at work or getting ready for photo shoots and I'm sure at times it can be a confusing message to them when I'm being primped, dressed and fussed over."

In 2009, she told Howard Stern, “I was 19 and my roommate had the best boobs ever, and she had just had hers done. I was flat as a board, and I thought 'Whoa, you can just buy them' and stupidly had them done . They look way too big for my body."

She elaborated that after the first implant surgery, Richards went to another doc to reduce the size and walked out with even bigger breasts — a full D cup.