DEMI’s “no-holds-barred” TELL-ALL may make BRUCE WILLIS SQUIRM


DEMI MOORE is gearing up to spill the beans in a tell-all memoir – and her revelations could reopen old wounds with ex-hubby BRUCE WILLIS.

The couple’s 13-year marriage was rocked by allegations that the Die Harder repeatedly cheated, and if the 47-year-old actress resurrects those long-forgotten scandals, Willis will go nuclear, one insider tells The ENQUIRER.

"Demi and Bruce worked out a truce years ago so they could maintain a friendship for the sake of their three daughters," the insider revealed.

"But if Demi drags Bruce’s name through the mud in her memoir, it will rock the boat big time."

The beauty and Bruce, 55, divorced in 2000 after a two-year separation. She’s been happily married to Ashton Kutcher, 32, since 2005, and recently announced  she met with publs in New York to discuss her book.

 "Demi has kept a detailed diary since her early 20s," the source said, "and at Ashton’s suggestion, she’s been working on her memoirs.

"The project has been cathartic for her, but Demi’s revelations could turn their daughters against Bruce."

As The ENQUIRER reported when the couple’s marriage was crumbling Bruce was repeatedly unfaithful.

A private investigator reportedly hired by Demi discovered Willis had a trail of mistresses across the country.