Demi Moore’s Demise

Demi moore sq

Startling new photos of surgery-obsessed DEMI MOORE reveal her face is so misshapen that she’s almost unrecognizable!

“She looks like a completely different person!” charged Dr. Otto Placik, a Chicago-based board-certified plastic surgeon, who has not treated the star. “To me, she’s no longer Demi Moore – she’s Demi-less!”

While the 52-year-old actress has denied having plastic surgery, her jarring look stunned onlookers at an event for a new children’s store opened by her pal and former “Punky Brewster” star, Soleil Moon Frye.

“Demi just doesn’t want to get old,” dished an inside source. “She’s got three kids, she was dumped by a younger guy [ex-hubby Ashton Kutcher] and she can’t accept aging.

“But all this work isn’t helping. It’s just making her look weird!”

Even Demi, who’s reportedly coughed up more than half a million bucks for cosmetic procedures over the years, admitted in a recent interview: “I’m obsessed with my body. I changed it multiple times over.”

But the “Striptease” star has gone too far, another cosmetic surgery expert said. “Until recently, Demi had done well. She never seemed to age,” said Dr. Lyle M. Back, who also hasn’t treated her.

“But her new surgeon seems to have shifted into hyper-drive! She has jacked-up eyebrows, and her lips are filled to capacity. She looks completely different – neither youthful nor better!”

Demi is famous for palling around with her twentysomething daughters, Rumer, Scout and Tallulah Willis – leading some to believe she even feels competitive with them!

The “Ghost” actress and 26-year-old Rumer, the latest winner of “Dancing with the Stars,” even posted a photo on Instagram recently that showed them looking like twins.

“Demi loved it,” said a source. “She’s determined to look as young as her daughters.”

But Demi’s latest work has done far more harm than good, said New Jersey–based Dr. Back.

“Her cheeks couldn’t carry any more filler,” he said. “When she smiles, it has nowhere to go!”