Demi Moore’s Brother From Hell

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DEMI MOORE has been hiding a dark family secret – but the woman nearly beaten to death by the star’s white supremacist brother is now revealing that buried evil!

Ten years ago in October, Tasha Marie Lee experienced a horror no woman should have to face at the hands of the “G.I. Jane” actress’ sibling.

“I really thought I was going to die,” Tasha told The National ENQUIRER of the nightlong beating she endured at James Craig Harmon’s hands in a Houston motel.

Harmon, now 41, served eight years of a 10-year sentence, and was released from prison in 2013.

“He had a knife. He grabbed it and told me: ‘If you want to be a whore, I’ll treat you like a whore,’” a tearful Tasha, 32, said as she broke her decade-long silence.

“Then he cut my pants, then cut my face and my hands. The more I tried begging him to stop, the worse it got. I tried screaming for help – and that’s when he picked up the telephone and began hitting me over and over again. He hit me so hard so many times the phone broke.

“He told me it would be easy for him to slit my wrists and fill the bathtub up with my blood and make it look like suicide. I wasn’t waiting to die. I was just hoping someone would save me.”

Now a nurse and mother, Tasha doesn’t blame Demi for her brother’s behavior – but added the star would “be ashamed to know him.

“He’s very violent, and Demi’s only safe from him because she doesn’t have to see him. If she had a relationship of any kind with him today, it wouldn’t end well.”

Tasha bravely revealed to The ENQUIRER the details of when Harmon went homicidal: “It was the first and last time I’ve ever been to a nightclub. We were having fun, but I could tell his mood was starting to change, so we left.

“He was jealous of everybody, and we ended up arguing. I went for a walk across the street and sat, waiting for him to calm down. I saw him leave in his truck, so I went back to the motel room and fell asleep.”

That would be a near-fatal mistake for Tasha, as she woke up to Harmon wielding a knife.

The sickening attack would last for hours. “He eventually passed out,” recalled Tasha. “As I tried to remove the chain lock, it made a small noise and woke him up. I ran as fast as I could and locked myself in the truck. He was banging the windows, and a security guard saw and called 911.”

Harmon later asked Tasha to blame her beating on a gang of African Americans, she said – a foreshadowing of the racism he exhibited after being sentenced to prison.

“As soon as he got into prison, he was asking me to send him information about the Aryan Brotherhood. I refused,” Tasha revealed.

Tasha, whose face is still scarred, added: “I was really young, so I’ve grown up a lot. I was broken, I was lost, and luckily I survived.”