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Demi Moore Caught Up In Identity Theft Nightmare

Credit card fraud takes a chilling twist!

demi moore scandals identity theft

Demi Moore may have been caught up in a con orchestrated by shady gangsters!

The alarming revelation emerged in a jailhouse letter — exclusively obtained by The National ENQUIRER — written by the crime spree’s accused perpetrator!

David Matthew Read has been charged with duping American Express into sending a replacement credit card to the “Ghost” star — then hijacking the plastic at a FedEx facility and using it to ring up almost $170,000 in merchandise!

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But in a note written from a California lockup, Read claimed he was a coerced patsy!

“They are saying I used Demi Moore’s Black Card, but I [did] not,” Read wrote to his sister, Heather Anderson.

“I had a gun held to my head and was told what I was going to do. I did the only thing I could to live, I complied.”

A source with knowledge of the plot told The ENQUIRER: “This has to be terrifying for Demi! The fact Read claims they are still out there means Demi might not be out of the woods. This has the hallmarks of the Albanian Mafia!”