Banned By Bruce!

Demi Moore Sizing Up Scientology

Troubled star looking for 'something missing!'

demi moore scientology
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Demi Moore is still seeking a spiritual path for peace — and it seems to be leading straight to the front door of the Church of Scientology!

Sources said disillusioned Demi has kicked Kabbalah to the curb and signed up for the controversial cult — despite the poor press it received following the “Going Clear” documentary and Leah Remini’s damning accounts of her time in the church!

“Her mom was a Scientologist, and Demi used to go to Scientology meetings,” a source spilled.

“But when she hooked up with Bruce [Willis], he banned her from going further.”

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Still, after dating Sean Friday, the son of high-ranking church members, in 2016, Demi’s interest was reignited.

And although the spark between the 54-year-old cougar and her boytoy fizzled, he still coaches her on the finer points of the so-called faith.

“She knows her support of Scientology will be a huge coup for the religion, so she’s only making very discreet inquiries at the moment,” snitched the source.

“But she feels there’s something missing in her life.”