Plagued by a devastating string of personal tragedies, a distraught DEMI MOORE has hit rock bottom and is spinning wildly out of con­trol, friends fear.

They’re worried sick she may return to her old vice, alcohol, to ease her mental anguish.

“Demi’s life is a mess,” an alarmed pal told The ENQUIRER. “What she’s been through is more than enough to drive anyone back to booze.”

The 49-year-old star recently suffered a painful one-two punch.

Her good friend and former Alcoholics Anonymous sponsor Pattsy Rugg died, and just days later photos of Demi’s es­tranged husband Ashton Kutcher leering at the exposed bosom of “Glee” star Lea Michele exploded onto the scene.

The pictures hit her hard as a lurid reminder of the cheating scandal that changed her life forever.

Meantime, a gaunt, hollow-cheeked Demi was in tears as she clutched a male friend’s arm for support while leaving Christ the King Church in Cape Cod, Mass., following the emotional Dec. 3 funeral service for her beloved friend.

“Demi was beside herself with grief and bawling her eyes out,” divulged a close source. Demi met Rugg – who succumbed to compli­cations of pneumonia Nov. 25 at age 70 – when she was appointed as the actress’ Alcoholics Anonymous sponsor years ago.

“She was so close to Pattsy that Demi even used to in­troduce her to friends as her mother,” divulged the pal.

Then just two days after the funeral, Demi was rocked by photos of Ashton flirting with 25-year-old Lea on the red carpet at the Hollywood premiere of their film “New Year’s Eve.”

“Thoughtless Ashton was salivating all over Lea,” said the pal. “He snuck behind her while she was having pictures taken and kissed her behind the ear.

“Lea also had a little ‘wardrobe mal­function,’ as her left nipple slipped out of her skimpy dress…and pho­togs snapped a leering Ashton staring at it!

“Of course, he knew the shots would get out and be like a dagger in the chest to Demi. What a heart­less boob!”

Demi’s world collapsed after 33-year-old Ashton’s affair with blonde party girl Sara Leal, 23, burst spectacularly into the open. Their hot-tub night of passion in September was the death blow to the couple’s six-year marriage, which had long been plagued by rumors of the actor’s cheating.

Shortly after the scandal broke, a rail-thin Demi looked ghostly at the Oct. 17 premiere of her movie “Margin Call,” and on Nov. 17 she announced plans to divorce the “Two and a Half Men” star.

Demi had entered rehab in 1985 for alcohol and cocaine addiction – and now friends are worried for her all over again.

Concluded the source: “She’s a strong woman, but the stress could break her.”