With her recently rehabbed daughter as a new roommate, Demi Moore’s love life has hit the skids, sources told The National ENQUIRER. 

Drug-troubled Tallulah Willis, 21, spent 45 days at an addiction clinic last summer, and Demi recently invited her to live with her and rocker beau Sean Friday, sources claimed.

“But having Tallulah around the house has almost completely killed the romance between them!” an insider revealed.

Demi, 52, and the Dead Sara drummer, 28, have been dating for nearly two years and, as The ENQUIRER has reported, their relationship was already on shaky ground. Things are worse with Tallulah in the house, insiders said, and Sean is most upset that he gets no time alone with Demi.

“Whenever Sean and Demi go out to dinner or a yoga class, Demi invites Tallulah along. She invites her friends over too, which gives Sean and Demi very little privacy,” the source divulged.

A fed-up Sean has issued an ultimatum, sources said. “Sean told Demi if Tallulah doesn’t go, he will,” said a pal.

“But Demi warned Sean that if push comes to shove, he’s the one who’ll get the boot!”